BBC Travel RSVP Abroad at Mana’s Kouzina-Kouzina

Posted in - News on February 23rd 2016 Stin Geia Mas at Manas Kouzina-Kouzina.

When BBC Travel’s RSVP Abroad travel show wanted an authentic Greek restaurant to host a dinner party, they found us. We were happy to introduce them to our authentic Greek kitchen, to Greek gastronomy and help the host throw a great local dinner party.

Authentic Greek Cuisine Presented

Last weekend, the BBC Travel show RSVP Abroad visited Athens with a mission to host an authentic Greek dinner party.  Julie Bensman, the show’s presenter, chose to Mana’s Kouzina-Kouzina as the venue for her special Greek dinner.  Our chef Dimitris Aivaliotis took Julie into the kitchen and taught her how to cook some Greek dishes in time for the party. She was great!

Chef Dimitri in the kitchen with Julie Bensman, host.

Chef Dimitri in the kitchen with Julie Bensman, host of BBC Travel’s RSVP Abroad.

Julie joins Chef Dimitri in the kitchen.

Julie joins Chef Dimitri in the kitchen.

The Greek Dinner Party

The dinner party was a success. Julie invited several guests she met during her stay in Athens including Anthia Vlassopoulou of Athens Insiders tours.  Athens Insiders collaborates with Mana’s Kouzina-Kouzina to hold Greek beer tastings. Anthia spoke about Greek food culture.

Eva Monochari, the top Greek food blogger behind Funky Cook, participated. She baked a delicious karidopita dessert for the dinner.

Marissa Tejada, a writer and top Greece travel blogger behind My Greece, My Travels, helped bring the BBC team to Mana’s Kouzina-Kouzina.  She worked with the BBC host to show them the Athens she has come to love as an expat living in Greece.

Group dinner photo for BBC Travel RSVP Abroad.

Group dinner photo for BBC Travel RSVP Abroad.

Our Greek kitchen presents...

Our Greek kitchen presents…

Greek Music, Greek Food and More

Also, Giorgos and Themis introduced the BBC team to traditional Greek music.  Chef Dimitris served up a full menu of appetizers, main dishes and more desserts keeping with the restaurant’s premise. Dishes hailed from all over Greece from the islands to the mainland with ingredients only  sourced from small and midsize Greek producers to help support the Greek economy.  We served Greek wines, beers, liquors and soft drinks. Our guests loved them!

Anthia tells us about ouzo.

Anthia tells us about ouzo.

Stay Tuned…

The show’s premise is for the host to visit cities around the world and in 48 hours, she must put together an authentic local dinner party.  The crew filmed in Lima and Istanbul before coming to Athens.  The show featuring Athens and our restaurant will air in April on BBC World News and on the BBC Travel online channel.

We look forward to seeing it live soon! Efharistoume BBC.