The Mana’s Kouzina-Kouzina lunch menu is guaranteed to open up your senses. Our traditional slow-baked, oven-cooked dishes called magirefta are freshly prepared in the morning so the aroma of Greek herbs and spices are wafting out of the open kitchen. Each dish is on display by noon for you to point and choose what whets your appetite.

Our chefs change the menu every few weeks and often highlight a special dish hailing from a specific region of Greece.  There are always 10-12 dishes to choose from including baked vegetables in olive oil, Greek pastas, seafood and meat dishes and a variety of Greek casseroles.  All of them are created from recipes hailing from villages, islands or regions from all over Greece or Asia Minor.

Along with our changing menu we offer classic Greek magirefta dishes including pastitsio which consists of layers of seasoned ground beef, pasta and a creamy white bechamel sauce baked to perfection.  Moussaka is a hearty sautéed eggplant or potato-based dish layered with beef or lamb and tomato sauce and topped with white sauce as well.

To accompany your main dish choose from our selection of salads, soups, savory pies and desserts.


We prepare classic Greek salads including beetroot, bean, bulghur and green salads. We also serve the famous Greek cucumber and tomato salad known as horiatiki.

Soups & Savory Greek Pitas

Sit down with a delicious homemade soup. Our special Greek recipes include like cabbage, onion soup and chicken soup.  A selection of savory Greek pies called pitas are available including the popular spinach pie called spanakopita as well as variations on cheese pies from around Greece called tiropita.


Every Greek mother and grandmother has her favorite dessert she loves to prepare.  We have many and we gather the best regional recipes to always serve something sweet, new and fresh from behind our desert counter.    Regulars love it when we make our sweet cream milk pie known in Greek as galaktomboureko, our sweet orange cake known in Greek as portokalopita and our cream and Jell-O cake called pastaki Serifou hailing from Serifos island.

Our menu changes every few weeks so if you’re a regular there will always be something fresh, delicious and new to try!  Here are some dishes we have featured:

Chicken Tserepa from Ithaca island

Pastitsada from Corfu island

Sofigado from Lefkada island

Chickpea soup from Sifnos island

Boureki vegetable dish from Crete

Kimadopita or minced meat savory pie from Macedonia

Leek savory pie from Epirus



Come and sit down for lunch or order via delivery to your home or workplace in the center of Athens. At Manas Kouzina-Kouzina you’ll discover what Greek mothers and grandmothers have been cooking with love for their families.  You’ll discover tastes that may not make the menus of any Greek tavern.  We specialize in offering traditional recipes handed down generation to generation – originating from one special place in Greece.