Mother’s Kitchen Photo Contest Winners!

Posted in - News on February 1st 2016 Fisilani_ioanna2

We started receiving photos for our “Mother’s Kitchen Photo Contest”  back in November. We held this special photo contest to celebrate our two-year anniversary. At midnight, we tallied up all the votes from Facebook and Instagram. We’re proud to announce the talented winners!

The winners are:

  1. Ioanna Fisilani took this great photo of her grandmother in Paros!  The photo received a total of 794 likes from Facebook and Instagram. She wins first place which means a total of three meals for four people at our restaurant!

facebook 2

  1. Sofia Rapti entered this wonderful photo of her mother Zoi in Athens.  The  photo received a total of 540 Facebook and Instagram likes! She wins second place and two meals for four people at our restaurant.

facebook 3

  1. Coming in third place is a photo by Marianna Katerelou. It is of her lovely mother Katie from Athens.  The photo received a total of 54 Facebook and Instagram votes.  She wins one meal for four at our restaurant.

We also included an extra category for one photograph entries:


  1. Vasilis Sindodinos entered this photograph of his grandmother Olga from Mesologgi. It received 195 Facebook and Instagram likes.  Vasilis wins one meal for four people at our restaurant!

contest runner up

Thank you all for your entries and your support!  We had more than 1,800 votes for the great photos entered in this contest.  EFHARISTOUME POLY!

Συγχαρητήρια στους νικητές!  Congratulations to the winners!