New Summer Menu: Traditional Greek Tastes

Posted in - Featured & News on August 8th 2016 New Menu Manas Kouzina

Our new photo album menu takes you on a visual journey of the traditional Greek tastes, a seasonal summer menu with dishes hailing from all over Greece.

Now we have a visual story to our fantastic seasonal summer menu.

Our new menu is a family photo album called Manas Kouzina-Kouzina Journey, featuring a photo of each plate and a description about the special nature of the dish.  We also have a photo catalog of our fantastic Greek beer selection (one of the largest Greek beer selections in Athens) as well as wines and spirits – all from local producers.

Come in and try our new summer evening dishes. Each recipe reflects a  various region of Greece while others feature flavorful ingredients hailing from a different corners of Greece.


New Menu Manas Kouzina 1



New Menu Manas Kouzina 2


New Menu Manas Kouzina 3


Photos and text by John Spathas Photography.