“Fancy a gourmet tour of the country? You can taste much of Greece without even leaving its capital with a buffet lunch at Manas Kouzina Kouzina.” – The Guardian

“Popular new restaurants and cafes like Mana’s Kuzina-Kuzina are sourcing primarily organic products grown by small Greek farmers.” – The New York Post

“Everything they use in the kitchen is locally sourced, so you’re in for a feast, with delights such as scrambled egg with smoked sausage, Cretan cheese pie drenched in honey and apple cake sprinkled with cinnamon.” – Paste Magazine

“For visitors to Athens, it’s noticeable that the severe economic blow to Greece’s national pride has made entrepreneurs more Greek rather than less. Manas Kouzina Kouzina, a buffet restaurant that opened last year in Agia Irini Square, doesn’t just display the names of the dishes it offers, but the village from which each has come. “ –EasyJet Traveller

“Mana’s Kouzina Kouzina not only makes sure the name of each dish is displayed at the counter but also the village from which the recipe comes.” – The Independent UK

“The restaurant is small, with beautiful decor, a black and white tiled floor and a large hot       showcase with all meals of the day. You can try exclusive dishes from various Greek regions, such as “Kleftiko” from Crete, pasta with zucchini from Naxos.” – GR Reporter

“Manas Kouzina Kouzina is a simple place where you can eat traditional Greek food while looking at the bustle on Ailou street from a big window.” – bLocal Travel Blog